A consumer wants to save money while business wants to make it. In this case, the consumer and business interests are in opposition to each other. The consumers strive for purchasing goods at profitable prices (to pay less), but businesses strive to increase profits, reduce costs and to gain a competitive edge. The existing cashback services and joint purchase services partially solve this problem. But they offer only a compromise between the consumer wishes and the business interests, although modern technologies allow both sides to give much more than just discounts and new customers.

Currently, many partner programs are associated with the network business. MLM companies have compromised themselves by unscrupulous typical behavior in this market the use of aggressive marketing, intrusive advertising, the supply of poor quality and non certified goods. At the same time, some reasonable methods and effective promotion mechanisms successfully working in MLM companies have been discredited.As a result, consumers abandoned really profitable offers, and enterprising people ignored the opportunity to earn on partner and referral programs.

At the moment, there is no cashback service among the market leaders, which would give an opportunity not only to save money on purchases, but also to earn on a multi level referral system. The number of the system participants is not in direct correlation with the capabilities and benefits of the participants themselves. The number of users is always directly related only to the benefits of the service itself, not its customers.

Most of the existing cashback services focus on the online stores. It limits users and the offline business in obtaining the benefits.

High marketing costs force the business to inflate prices for goods and services. The number of intermediaries involved in each sale makes prices even less affordable. Modern technologies that attract new customers with minimal costs are used rarely and inefficiently. Despite the development of the digital economy, the technological capabilities are not used.

Discount systems, cashback services, coupon services work in a well-defined segment, but it is inconvenient for the user. There are no services combining the possibilities of obtaining discounts and cashback, a payment system with the ability to pay in the cryptocurrency and with the option of obtaining passive income.

A business that wants to satisfy the demand for cashback from customers, instead of bonus and loyalty programs, lacks effective tools providing this demand and attracting new customers.

Low level of client orientation. Cashback services are essentially intermediaries between business and customers. Such services do not take into account the interests of both parties and they give preference to a business with a larger cashback percentage.


The use of blockchain technologies is one of the most important conditions for the further successful development of the platform in the new technological paradigm.

Server decentralization keeps all the data safe even in cases if one of the server fails. Absence of any server synchronization difficulties while using a centralized solution. Easy and convenient conversion in any currency and in any country of the world. AutoUnit will be listed on the stock exchange. An independent digital system.Resistant to unauthorized access or infiltration by computer hackers. Since the system is decentralized, none hacker is able to cause any damage to the system even if a server gets hacked.Security from the legal point means even if the initiating legal entity disappears the system will continue its existence,and users will not lose their funds. The funds on a decentralized system cannot be arrested.

The Token is a standard Ethereum ERC20 token, with an additionally implemented role model, defensive math and functions for sales automation and interaction with the existing payment systems. Auto Token is not used for exchange trading as it is designed to charge AU in the AutoUnit system after being tested and debugged.Auto Token is held on the user’s balance and remains unchanged until AutoUnit gets charged. Once an AutoUnit is charged, the Auto Token gets destroyed.

The AutoUnit solution is built on the existing blockchain platform Graphene, also known as BitShares 2.0. Technically this solution inherited all the existing infrastructure and capabilities that are turned off at the initial stage of system development.
The solution is a classic blockchain with a consensus mechanism DPoS that allows achieving high speeds in the field of generating transactions and block creating, as well as high speed of data synchronization.

The Coin

System Element’s

  • Delegates
  • Vote
  • Committee


  • Data Storage
  • Permanent Transaction
  • P2P Network
  • Transactions
  • Consensus Mechanism

What is IAC AutoUnit? What does it do?

International Auto Club (IAC) is an automated platform bringing together the best features of payment systems, cashback services and partnership programs. At the moment platform already allows solving many of the problems. The blockchain technology will allow the platform to be brought to a new level, to meet new challenges and make the existing solution even more effective.

IAC is an automated platform bringing together the best features of payment systems, cashback services and partnership programs.

What is IAC?

One of the largest Cashback services in Russia?

  • More than 12,000 organizations provide discounts to platform users;
  • Cashback in 12,000+ offline stores in Russia and CIS countries;
  • Cashback in 700+ online stores;
  • Best offers on cellular services, insurance, tourism and legal services;
  • The only cashback service with its own payment system.

Payment System:

  • Payments for all kinds of merchandise and services via an internal digital wallet;
  • Rewards for participation in our projects: Corporate University, Beauty Academy and Real Estate
  • Purchase Crowdfunding Platform;
  • Rewards for participation in partners programs and status upgrades;
  • Issuing of co-brand cards in collaboration with Alfa-Bank.

Unique affiliate Program

  • Ability to earn on connecting referrals and receive a percentage of their purchases;
  • Opportunity to attract commercial enterprises and earn interest from their turnover;
  • Turn key business model, which does not require significant financial investments;
  • The advantage of the partnership and affiliate programs that work as a multilevel recommendation
  • system includes 9 levels of accruals allocation.

How it’s Work?

for consumers;

  • Consumer registers free-of-charge in the system and gets access toall valid discounts,promotions and offers.
  • After registration, the customer has the opportunity to send a referral link to friends. Friends will also be able to make profitable purchases if register via that referral link.
  • The consumer receives percentage cashback of all purchases carried out by referrals and also to those to whom they submitted their referral link.
  • The consumer has the opportunity to withdraw the accumulated internal funds in fiat money in any convenient way.
  • You can pay more than 20 000 kinds of goods and services (state duty, credits, cellular service, TV, Internet, fines, withdrawal to plastic cards, to the ac-count of any bank, etc.), pay for internal projects and upgrade the status within the system using internal currency.
  • You can recharge your internal account in any con- pants make purchases.venient way by simply clicking the button in your account: from card to card, through the card acquiring to the settlement account, through the cryptocurrency transfer to the company’s wallet.

for businesses;

  • An enterprise registers free of charge on the IAC platform and has access to an ever growing base of loyal participants.
  • After registration, the business offer (goods and services) is placed in a discount system. The percentage cashback paid by the business to the IAC platform is determined by the agreement.
  • The enterprises install the Auto bonus program.It identifies and maintains a record of participants purchases.
  • The enterprise makes the payment in the cashback amount of all participants purchases specified in the contract.
  • The business employee has an opportunity to register new participants. At the same time, all new participants will be registered according to the business level in referral system. The business will get a part of the percentage cashback according to the distribution cashback system when participants make purchases.
  • The business is given an opportunity to use paid services with a significant discount:
    • advertising, internet marketing, SMM;• placement on the platform resources in the section of special offers (banners, recommendation);

    • participation in IAC projects;
    • creation of websites and mobile applications.

IAC AutoUnit ICO Review and Analysis

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