The Green energy market covers renewable energy production and is growing at a steady rate in terms of investment and capacity.Green energy sources contributed 24% of electricity produced in 2016, mostly consisting of
hydropower, followed closely by wind and solar.Green Energy Developers often find it difficult to raise funding for their project, especially if they come from lesser-developed financial markets. Renewable projects involve high investments in infrastructure and equipment and could cost several millions USD to hundreds of millions USD. Hence, developers are forced to run lengthy and costly fundraising campaigns.

Institutional Investors involved with green energy development often find themselves having large exposure to one or few mega-projects. Many fund managers have mandate regarding cash liquidity and cannot participate in renewable projects because of the lengthy development timeline.For green energy focused funds, deal origination is a problem because of the high overhead of having multiple origination team.As the results, these funds are confined to the geographic location of their offices.

Individual Investors could foster renewable investments by bringing in collectively large pools of capital. However, most of them are not yet able to participate in this market. The sheer size of renewable projects makes it unpractical for individual investors to participate directly. Most green energy funds also have minimal contribution, sometimes as high as $100,000,leaving out most individual investors. Furthermore,individual investors do not have resources to conduct proper due diligence and are exposed to unnecessary risks.


To overcome the challenges mentioned above for both investors and developers, Green X’s mission is to build an ecosystem that consists of two global marketplaces – the GreenX Capital Market and the GreenX Global Exchange. The GreenX Capital Market is a crowdfunding platform built on blockchain technology, while the GreenX Global Exchange is a global energy.

  • Green Energy Developers: the developers join the GreenX network to raise funds for their projects. The ecosystem appeals to them because raising funds on GreenX exchanges have superior advantages compared to traditional fundraising, including assess to global capital pools, streamlined investment procedures, and low costs and commissions.
  • GreenX Investment Fund: GreenX runs its own investment fund alongside individual investors. The source of funding mainly comes from the company’s continuing operational profits, and partly with the exceed funding raised during the token sale after factoring in ecosystem building costs. GreenX invests in green projects in order to align GreenX interests with those of individual investors.
  • Individual investors: individual investors can utilize the GreenX platforms to invest in attractive green energy projects around the world without any limitations on investment size or geographic location. In addition, they can quickly and conveniently liquidate their investments using the company’s secondary marketplace – GreenX Global Exchange.

What is GreenX? What does it do?

The GreenX Network is a blockchain ecosystem that was created with the objective of enabling both individuals and institutions to profit from investing in renewable energy projects with diminished risks. The company was created because there is a high demand for investment with renewable energy projects but sometimes they face difficulties when to get their funding. As some investors consider these projects to be risky, they tend to choose other ones and the GreenX Network intends to chance that. The creators of the GreenX Network believe in the potential of the so-called green energy and also in its rentability. This market has been growing constantly since the last decade and even in recent years the numbers are amazing. Because of this, renewable energy can definitely be the energy of the future, at least according to the company. For the developers of renewable energy projects, the GreenX Network can represent an easy way to enter into a global pool of funds that can be paid upfront by the investors. While for the people interested in investing, they can have the chance to know more about companies that will probably be successful and invest in them even if they do not have many funds.

  • GreenX focuses on building decentralized applications on top of blockchain platforms.
  • GreenX systems are built on a three-layer architecture, including a user interface, a decentralized engine, and blockchain platform infrastructure. This model allows GreenX to quickly and flexibly tokenize and process green energy projects.
  • The contract scripting layer, mezzanine layer, and multichain bridge engine are three sub-components of the GreenX Decentralized Engine. Their functionality gives GreenX independency of the blockchain infrastructure, and the flexibility to accommodate business usage.

ICO Review & Analysis

Website and Domain
  • Good User Interface, Every point of view understanding by video.
  • Transactions are done through a decentralized network it’s great.


The ecosystem is designed to take advantage of the cryptocurrency efficiency and speed, while eliminating counter-party risks through rigid due diligence processes and implementations of Artificial Intelligence applications.



ICO Tokens & Economics
Token Name GEX
Token Form ERC20
Total Token Supply 375,000,000 GEX

225,000,000 GEX (for-sale)

Hard Cap 225,000,000 GEX

30,000,000 USD (fiat)

Soft Cap 2,500 ETH

1,126,725 USD

Pre-Sale 15 May, 2018 to 14 June, 2018
ICO 15 June, 2018 to 31 July, 2018
Token Price 0.2 USD
Country Singapore
Restricted Country Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, USA
Token Allocation

Fund Utilization

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